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Step behind the curtain to meet the specialists that make up our rapidly growing team. From sourcing pros to marketing gurus, there are no suits & ties to be found in this office, only humour, honesty and passion!


About LevelUp

We believe that fast-growing tech companies are the best places to innovate and have fun! Our mission is to help great people choose these places to work over an old world career.

We build startup teams. We turn startups into Hiring Machines


Aik Deveneijns

Aik is an informal investor and started his first company LevelUp in August 2015. As an engineer he likes to tweak things into pixel perfect metrics that make sense (for him and most of times also the team). His experience in startups, as Venture Capitalist (Gimv) and COO at SEOshop (growing the team from 10 to 75 people, exit to Lightspeed POS) made him a strong believer of the startup & scale-up ecosystem. These are the places where you can find personal growth, innovation and fun.


Tom Vrenken

Tom likes to deep dive into a startup where he can help founders and investors by finding the right (C-level) talent for them. Getting to know the culture, the people and the business helps him to communicate directly and will build trust within the company sometimes resulting in great advice (even unasked). He also helps his colleagues become better recruiters as our lead recruiter and focuses on external operations.


Anneke Dekker

Anneke is the bringer of the sun on rainy days. She brings calmness by coaching the team and helping them to find their inner drives. She is also in charge of HR, Finance and Operations, and makes sure that things run smoothly. Because of her, our CEO Aik can sleep through the night. We all love her for that, we truly do.


Andrei Curtui

Andrei is the silent type that strikes back. He will be witty when challenged but mostly he is the guy that gets excited about the perfect boolean string and the use of tooling for sourcing. He likes those small victories when moving people through the pipeline and when he gets positive feedback from both candidate and client. If a hire is made he usually doesn’t stop smiling for the rest of the week. We love the guy.


Daniel Plesa

Daniel combines his cool smarts and intelligence with a genuine interest in people. He likes to do interviews and help people getting what they need. He will give you the ‘chill vibe’ that things are under control, throwing some sharp-witted comments your way from time to time. His clients value him for his feedback, energy and easy point of contact.


Jeremy van Willigen

Jeremy is our one man machine. When he has a goal to complete, there’s nothing stopping him, not even a beer. Jeremy enjoys getting creative with new tools and workflows, making it his personal mission to improve the team’s efficiency and overall productivity. Most of the time his answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, which adds that extra punch to this machine-like manner.


Julia Jansen Schoonhoven

Julia is the first Growth Hacker at LevelUp (ever!). Her goal is to find as many qualified leads for the team to pick up on and generate business online for our head honcho, Aik. Being a trainee at TTI she will learn everything there is to know about Growth Hacking as well!  Only 24 and originally from ‘Hillie’ she recently graduated University. We see a bright minded young woman when looking at Julia.

Xavier van den Thillart

Xavier van den Thillart

Xavier is in our supervisory board, and has managerial experience in various aspects of General Management: Marketing & Sales. people management, marketing, sales and executive coaching.


Are you our next magician?

LevelUp is growing! And we’re looking for awesome people that want to help us deliver growth to companies here in Amsterdam. Check out our vacancies and hopefully we’ll see you around HQ soon 😉 .