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Step behind the curtain to meet the specialists that make up our rapidly growing team. From sourcing pros to marketing gurus, there are no suits & ties to be found in this office, only humour, honesty and passion!


About LevelUp

We believe that fast-growing tech companies are the best places to innovate and have fun! Our mission is to help great people choose these places to work over an old world career.

We build startup teams. We turn startups into Hiring Machines


Aik Deveneijns

Aik started LevelUp, his first company, in August 2015. As an engineer he likes to tweak things into pixel perfect metrics that make sense (for him and most of times also the team). His experience in startups, as Venture Capitalist (Gimv) and COO at SEOshop (growing the team from 10 to 75 people, exit to Lightspeed POS) made him a strong believer of the startup & scale-up ecosystem. These are the places where you can find personal growth, innovation and fun. That is why he is not only a founder, but also an informal investor, e.g. in Recruitee and Camptoo.


Tom Vrenken

Tom likes to deep dive into a startup or scale-up where he can help founders and investors by finding the right (C-level) talent. Getting to know the culture, the people and the business, helps him to communicate directly and honestly. He will build trust within the company, sometimes resulting in great advice (even unasked). His relaxed vibe, humor and direct communication make him great in connecting with candidates. Typically you will find Tom laying on the couch, while on the phone with a founder or candidate. Within the team he helps his colleagues become better recruiters as our lead recruiter.


Anneke Dekker

Anneke is the bringer of the sun on rainy days. She brings calmness by coaching the team and helping them to find their inner drives and use their strengths. She’s a big fan of Getting Things Done and tries to get the team aligned in their Asana task management. Anneke is also in in charge of HR, Finance and Operations and makes sure that things run smoothly. Because of her, our CEO Aik can sleep through the night. We all love her for that, we truly do. Besides working at LevelUp she is setting up her own coaching- and training practice in personal effectiveness.


Andrei Curtui

Andrei is the silent type that strikes back. He will be witty when challenged, but mostly he is the guy that gets excited about the perfect boolean string and the use of smart tooling for sourcing. He is driven by small and big victories and gets happy when moving people through the pipeline and when he gets positive feedback from both candidate and client. If a hire is made he usually doesn’t stop smiling for the rest of the week. We love the guy. Previously he worked as a recruiter in London and lead a team at Aiesec. At LevelUp he is strongly developing as our specialist in tech roles.


Daniel Plesa

Daniel combines his cool smarts and intelligence with a genuine interest in people. He likes to do interviews and help people getting what they need. He will give you the ‘chill vibe’ that things are under control, throwing some sharp-witted comments your way from time to time. His clients value him for his feedback, energy and easy point of contact. In the team he shines when he is building a new plan or leading a meeting, easily guiding us from topic to topic with focus on the goal and sensitivity for his team members input at the same time. Daniel developed these leadership skills early on as a country manager for Aiesec and a Program Coordinator at Nike.

Teri is in charge of onboarding at LevelUp, senior recruiter and quite the process animal. 
She previously worked at and 5miles.

Teri Gibson

Teri is our new senior recruiter, originally from South Africa. She adds a lot of value by bringing structure and getting things done mentality to the team. Over six years of experience as manager and project manager shine through immediately. Amongst other she led the UK customer support team at, and led the project to expand into Portugal. While the rest of the team can be jumping up and down, shouting and throwing ping pong balls, Teri will remain her focus and continues working. She might not be the tallest in the team, but sure don’t underestimate this fierce lady!


Nils Arlinghaus

Our second newcomer is Nils from Germany. At first sight, he is a friendly, deliberative and detail-oriented guy who takes his work very seriously. And he is all that, but challenge him a bit and he will whip you around with a great sense of humour too. He is fascinated by human behaviour and research, bringing an analytical and critical perspective to discussions. Growing up he was a techie… building his own computers and experimenting. In higher education he chose for the psychology path, recently finished with a master Work & Organizational Psychology. A perfect combination for tech recruitment.

Xavier van den Thillart

Xavier van den Thillart

Xavier is in our supervisory board, and has managerial experience in various aspects of General Management: Marketing & Sales. people management, marketing, sales and executive coaching.


Are you our next magician?

LevelUp is growing! And we’re looking for awesome people that want to help us deliver growth to companies here in Amsterdam. Check out our vacancies and hopefully we’ll see you around HQ soon 😉 .