Say hi to our team

Step behind the curtain to meet the specialists that make up our rapidly growing team. From sourcing pros to marketing gurus, there are no suits & ties to be found in this office, only humour, honesty and passion!



Aik Deveneijns

Aik is the head honcho! Before LevelUp, he was a recruiter, Venture Capitalist and as COO grew SEOshop from 10 to 75 people (exit to Lightspeed POS). He next founded LevelUp to solve the talent problem – something he had experienced both as a VC and in day to day life at SEOshop.  

He’s a strong believer that startups & scaleups are the best environments for personal growth, innovation and fun. He’s kind of forgetful, but has sufficient gadgets, tools and apps to keep him functioning as normal.


Tom Vrenken

Tom is awesome, because he cares about people and he’s curious and energetic. At LevelUp, he is our Head Recruiter and operational guru. He is sales-oriented and gets a buzz from making the right hire between awesome founders & talent. As an equal opportunity employer, we feel that gingers deserve a chance too!


Anneke Dekker

Anneke is in charge of HR & Operations, making sure that the team is happy and motivated. She’s infamous around the office for using meditation to calm everyone down, when things just get too exciting. Anneke also handles the operational side of the company, making sure processes, admin and finances are running smoothly.


Andrei Curtui

Andrei has a talent for finding talent in hard places. He enjoys the buzz of finding great people using everything from growth hacking to recruiting tech. Andrei is the kind of guy that gets genuinely excited by the thought of a boolean…quite the thrill isn’t it.


Daniel Plesa

Daniel is our new Talent Hacker, bringing a combination of cool smarts with experience. He enjoys getting stuck into multiple talent pipelines, filling it with star talent and even seeing it through to a hire. He is our fast, efficient Romanian spark, and keeps everyone on their toes.


Jeremy van Willigen

Jeremy is our one man machine. When he has a goal to complete, there’s nothing stopping him, not even a beer. Jeremy enjoys getting creative with new tools and workflows, making it his personal mission to improve the team’s efficiency and overall productivity. He’s also Dutch too, which adds that extra punch to this machine-like manner.


Omar Ahmed

Omar does front-end, wordpress & interaction design. He rocks our (online) world. When Aik suddenly changes his mind about the website, Omar doesn’t bat an eye, and sets his design skills to use.


Romina Gomez

Romina from Argentina is our Front-end Developer/Branding expert. She enjoys getting our recruiters excited by out of the box campaign ideas and beautiful imagery. Day to day, she’s working on anything from filming with clients to creating nice graphics to running around the office with her camera. Just another day in life!


Ryan Gruss

Ryan is our British marketing guy. He founded two companies & studied at Science Po Paris, Princeton & LSE (top percentile of his class). Between his cups of tea, he likes to email, growth hack, blog and study at Princeton (yeah, the boy can multitask).


Julia Jansen Schoonhoven

Julia is the first Growth Hacker at LevelUp (ever!). Her goal is to find as many qualified leads for the team to pick up on and generate business online for our head honcho, Aik. Being a trainee at TTI she will learn everything there is to know about Growth Hacking as well!  Only 24 and originally from ‘Hillie’ she recently graduated University. We see a bright minded young woman when looking at Julia.

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Sarah Nutz

Coming from the castles and sophistication of Vienna, Sarah will be our Junior Talent Hacker, tasked with finding great talent, creating engagement with our clients, being open in communication and giving support wherever needed.


Are you our next magician?

LevelUp is growing! And we’re looking for awesome people that want to help us deliver growth to companies here in Amsterdam. Check out our vacancies and hopefully we’ll see you around HQ soon 😉 .