What we offer startups

From going undercover in your company to acting as a trusted partner, we offer a range of solutions to address your talent needs.


This is Harry

Harry’s startup has recently received funding and they’re growing like no tomorrow. The team wants to build not recruit, but they know they need to fill certain roles asap. This is where LevelUp comes in 🙂

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We become your embedded recruiting team. We craft the future org chart together with the founders & board, and execute on the hiring plan. We set up process, brand and tools. This is the fastest way to scale your team as new funding comes in or as the company accelerates.

  • In-house recruiting, understanding your culture and employer brand
  • Setting up processes for future talent needs

Sourcing as a Service

Hot tech talent is in demand; you know how to select but need someone to find the right people and get them engaged. We find, select and engage the right people for you. Our approach is personalized & focused.

  • A pool of qualified candidates delivered to your inbox
  • Makes use of our expertise, recruiting tools and network

Talent Search

As a boutique recruiting firm we know a sizeable part of the ecosystem. We do modern-day headhunting with the added alignment & trust. We leverage our sourcing skills & our referral network to find, select & match the right person for your challenge.

  • Trusted hiring partner on the table throughout the whole process
  • Extensive network to leverage for high quality candidates  

Found the right one?

Harry has levelled up his team! Be like Harry. We’d love to help you grow your company with our network, expertise and passion for team building. Check below for more information and don’t hesitate to .

Process Outsourcing

  • In-house
  • Understand culture & challenges
  • Write vacancies
  • Setup processes for future hires
  • Build long term talent pool

Sourcing as a Service

  • Qualified candidates to your inbox
  • Automated workflows
  • Expertise on hard-to-find roles
  • Cost effective
  • Fast solution for talent gap

Talent Search (C-Level)

  • End to end hiring
  • Access to high value network
  • Trusted partner
  • Flexible arrangement
  • Expertise on finding the right fit

Do you want to know more about our Employer Branding services? Don’t hesitate to  with us to see what we can do for you.

Still have questions? We might have your answer!

What is your fee structure?

Our pricing model is €75/hr + 6% of salary, with hiring cost tending to be 10-20% of salary. Because our approach is more efficient even though we build your future hiring capability.

How many hours per role do you typically spend/expect?

For a full talent search, we expect to spend around 40hrs for simple/homogenous roles up to around 160 hrs for specific C-level roles.

Why would I choose you over a recruiting agency?

Great question and one that we’re asked a lot.

4 reasons:

1) We work closer with you, iterate faster, meaning faster & better success;

2) We create a talent pool for you, meaning all relations we build between you and the talent will be useful going forward;

3) Although we ask for upfront commitment in hours, the cost as a % of salary is significantly lower, typically 15-18% of yearly salary

4) We are Growth Hackers, using Machine Learning on vacancies, email A/B tests, personalized drip campaigns, AI Sourcing and automated coding tests to ensure the best profiles.