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What is your fee structure?

When using RPO, we will determine the number of hours your new LevelUp colleagues will join and work in your office every week. This depends on what you want and is a more customized approach as we see it. Our pricing model for RPO is €70/hr + a success fee of € 1.500 per hire.

For Talent Search, the hiring cost is 20% of a year salary; 10% is paid upfront and 10% when your new tech team member is hired. From moment 0 we commit ourselves for and to you. Fully! That means we don’t do NCNP (no-cure-no-pay agency work).

An hourly fee of €80/hr and 7% of salary upon hire is used for the Executive Searchusually resulting in <20% hiring cost of salary.

How many hours per role do you typically spend/expect?

For a full talent search, we expect to spend around 70hrs for tech roles up to around 160 hrs for specific C-level roles.

Why would I choose you over a recruiting agency?

Great question and one that we’re asked a lot.

4 reasons:

1) We work closer with you, iterate faster, meaning faster & better success;

2) We create a talent pool for you, meaning all relations we build between you and the talent will be useful going forward;

3) Although we ask for upfront fee in hours, the cost as a % of salary is significantly lower, typically 15-18% of yearly salary

4) We are Growth Hackers, using Machine Learning on vacancies, email A/B tests, personalized drip campaigns and AI Sourcing to ensure the best profiles.