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How many hours per role do you typically spend/expect?

For a single full talent search, we expect to spend around 60-100 hrs for tech roles up to around 150-170 hrs for C-level roles.

On average in the startup & scaleup market, a tech recruiter does 1 to 1.5 hire per month including applies a refererrals. An average agency recruiter makes less than one placement each month.

Why would I choose you over a recruiting agency?

If you are just looking for a hire; but only want to pay upon success. Then there's hundreds of no-cure-no-pay agencies you could work with. If you are looking for a bit more, then we might be the party for you:

  • We work closely, iterate faster, meaning with get to the right profile faster;
  • We create a talent pool for you, from which you can hire in the furture. All communication and relations between you and the talent will be logged and will be available to you at all times;
  • Our cost per hire is significantly lower than agencies, typically 16-20 % of yearly remuneration. And we measure this closely.
  • We use a totally different route towards profiles, to get to engaged talent that isn't easily found by others. We use growth hacking techniques as well as Machine Learning tools to improve vacancy conversion, we A/B tests emails, use personalized drip campaigns and AI Sourcing to ensure the best people get engaged for your culture.