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Find the talent you need.

As a fast-growing tech company, your vacancies need filling fast!
You have better things to do than try to recruit yourself. We can help.



1. Vacancies

First things first, we need to set up a slick-looking careers page, with targeted vacancies & a clean application process. This is crucial employer branding and will be important in attracting high quality candidates.


2. Sourcing

Using an innovative stack of recruiting tech and streamlined workflows, we extract top profiles which satisfy the client’s hiring needs. Requirements change as we go. We fail fast & iterate quickly, Asana, Slack, and an ATS like Recruitee help us collaborate closely.


3. Profiles

Our screening process is adapted to the client’s requirements. From short phone screenings to outdoor walks to test days, we ensure that the right candidate makes it through the pipeline.


4. Match

Awesome! The right person has been connected with the right company. We make sure this transition is smooth, exciting and paves the way for successful collaboration in the future.



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    Cash & time is tight

    Well f#ck, that A-round is either spent or you  would rather funnel it into juicy leads. Ag€nci€$ are expensive, and you want results fast without committing to an internal recruiter…hmmm…
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    Future hires: employer brand & talent pools

    The world doesn’t know who you are, and “work hard, play hard” doesn’t cut it. With way too many vacancies for your size, you wished you had built relations with talent in the past.
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    Architecting an org chart

    Growing your team sounds simple, But how many devs, how many marketeers? Which roles should I craft, and what the deuce should I pay them? It would be nice to whiteboard session hmm?
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    Process, data, predictability

     Recruiting seems like a game of chance, but it should be as predictable as a sales funnel. Too little data to A/B test what process steps work, need someone with experience