Meet Sarah, our new team member!

Question 1: Hey Sarah and welcome to LevelUp! First of all, tell us more about your background
Answer: Hey everyone and thanks for the welcome! My name is Sarah Nutz (yes, really), I am originally from Vienna and recently graduated from my Master of Business Administration at VU Amsterdam. After graduation I polished up my Dutch skills and now I am at LevelUp – it has been an exciting year for me so far 🙂

Question 2: An Austrian in Amsterdam?? What brought you here and why did you choose to come work at LevelUp?
Answer: Jaaa, ze Austrians, sehr gut! What brought me here was my Master studies, and originally I just intended finishing my degree and then going back to Vienna. I pretty soon realized though that I am here to stay. Was it the Dutchies that made me change my mind? Lekker bitterballen? All the biertjes? Probably all of it and so far staying here has been a great decision, just like joining LevelUp. The startup environment fascinates me and being part of a dedicated team that helps startups grow was just what I wanted to do. What was important for me was a dynamic environment that would challenge me and help me grow. I enjoy the open atmosphere at LevelUp and a bonus is the appreciation for great memes – who would not love that?

Question 3: What is going to be your role?
Answer: I am a “Junior Talent Hacker” meaning that I will support my great team in connecting start-ups with the right talents. I will learn everything about our processes, the startups we are working together with, their needs and pains and find solutions on how we can help. Finding great talent, creating engagement, being open in communication and giving support wherever needed. There are exciting times ahead!

Question 4: Encountered any challenges so far? Or learnings?
Answer: Well, I had quite a unique start, I do not want to spill too much details but it has been great so far. I mean who gets the chance to literally help building up a new work space and paint some walls 🙂 But in all seriousness: A new job always comes with challenges and hopefully learnings from that. I realize that I am a junior in what I am doing, so a lot of processes are new to me. For example, Boolean is a heck of a challenge for me that I tackle by learning more about sourcing. My next goal: Become a kick-ass sourcer in no time.

Question 5: What are you hoping to achieve in your first month at LevelUp?
Answer: To quickly get the hang of everything and to support my team in whatever they need me. The great thing about my role is that I get involved in a lot of processes across projects. Ideas and inputs are always welcome and taken into account. What really impressed me about LevelUp was that an idea I had during my trial day was actually used for a project. This is a great feeling and I really value that you can always speak your mind and you will be heard.

Question 6: Sorry to put you on the spot, but what do you predict will be the biggest game-changer in recruiting for 2018?
Answer: Virtual Reality is something that will change recruitment in my opinion, if not for 2018 already then definitely in the near future. Interaction is such an important aspect in recruiting and VR has the potential to bring it to a next level. Think of remote interviews that will feel more personal or virtual office tours – there are so many possibilities to leverage on this.

Question 7: It wouldn’t be LevelUp without a meme. What’s your ‘meme of the moment’?
Answer: Anything Rick and Morty related. I have to say that I am unhealthily obsessed with it.