How Slack is shaking up our recruiting

Slack is everywhere. Not only is it now able to do everything from order our groceries to have a chat with us about our work…Slack is now a powerful tool to be used by recruiters.

Many recruiting tools are already building native apps to make use of the Slack platform, but more importantly Slack can be used directly to supplement or enhance recruiting workflows.

Below is a brief overview of how we are using Slack at LevelUp and a couple of ideas for how you can integrate Slack into your activities.

How we use slack

Partner & Customer collaboration We have slack channels for each of our customer projects; and invite founders & hiring managers into that channel. It’s a perfect way to quickly communicate, as well as being able to look back on what has been decided & discussed. For the complexity of running our Talent projects, it’s not enough though. If we collaborate / communicate on an individual talent level, we’d rather use (tagging) in software that’s dedicated to managing talent flow. In our case, that’s mostly Recruitee. We are using Asana for internal project management, and looking if and how we should invite our customers into that platform as well.

Client leads – Besides the normal collaboration channels, we linked Pipedrive to our slack channel. This is another effective way to keep the whole team aware of our business development efforts and upcoming new deals.

Unsollicited CV’s – Many of our Startup & Scaleup customers receive unsollicited CV’s from no-cure-no-pay agency recruiters. It drives them nuts, because they might run into problems later when they hire these people. These agencies tend to feel like they ‘own’ this talent. You can forward these CV’s to and it pops up in our #talentfromthedarkside channel. We generally don’t look at these unsolicited CVs from recruiting agencies, but it sure is an awful lot of fun to be the ‘waste disposal bin’ for our customers!

Competitors & Content – Slack is also a great way to store information about your competitors amongst colleagues for later reference, and information to share with your client base.

Some other ideas

Applicant Tracking System – Use a web hook to pull in CVs from a job posting straight into a Slack channel. Then either using reactions or notes, allow your team members to give opinions on each candidate.

Sourcing/profiles – Create a dedicated Slack community of talent which works around content & referrals. It would involve inviting other companies into that Slack (channel) to have your own crowdfunded (free) headhunting practice!

Slack may not seem like the obvious addition to your recruiting workflow but it offers many ways to streamline different channels into a hub where your team all works. Give it a go and let us know what you think!