I Received an InMail from NASA this week. I Declined

My current job is pretty awesome job you know. But the idea of working at NASA has kept me awake lately. Seriously.

Just imagine what it would be like to hire astronauts. Hiring people that actually have to go to space to research planets. What an amazing job!

And here I am talking about optimizing conversion per stage, filling my pipeline and influencing hiring managers…

I wonder, what could I actually do to keep astronauts engaged during the recruitment process? You obviously don’t let them wait long for feedback.

On the other end, astronauts can wait. Patience is most likely a “must have” and NASA doesn’t have competition right?

Or maybe they use a countdown timer to get the offer signed quickly!

Wow, I really have so many questions! Maybe I should have gone for that interview. Just to learn about their processes.

Like, what would the referral bonus be for referring an astronaut? And do astronauts negotiate their offer? Curious to know if they would offer a temporary contract. With a notice period?

Do astronauts go into a normal ATS? Does Apollo 13 have an open API so I can connect BambooHR to keep track of their performance? What does good performance for astronauts look like anyways? Does a great moon landing get you a raise for example?

Do astronauts care about GDPR? What hashtags should I use to target astronauts on Instagram? They probably post selfies somewhere. Is there a Stackoverflow for astronauts?

And do I bring up aliens during the interview or is that the hiring manager’s responsibility?

You know what, I now realize I have so many unanswered questions. I think I need to give them a call.

If you have a burning question too, let me know and I’ll ask.

by Reggie Ebbe – Senior Recruiter @ LevelUp Ventures