We are passionate about hiring talent for high-growth tech companies, as we believe they are great environments for personal growth, fun & innovation.



"Finding people is easy. Finding the right people is hard."

Our purpose is to enable growth. We turn startups & scale-ups teams into hiring machines, and support them in their quest to make an impact in the world


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    Embedded Recruiting

    Our team joins yours to hire from within. We leverage your startup’s assets (culture, tone, team, stack) to build a talent pool and setup processes for your team to hire in the future.

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    Talent Search

    End-to-end recruiting of mostly C-level positions. We act as a trusted partner, leveraging our network to curate the best candidates and help make a hire.

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    Sourcing as a Service

    Put your recruiting on autopilot. We handle the nitty gritty tasks of sourcing great talent for your vacancies and delivering a curated pool directly to your inbox.

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    Employer Branding

    Strategic & marketing consultancy to help make your employer image stand out. Our work focuses on ensuring content for potential hires is optimal.


1. Vacancies

First things first, we need to set up a slick-looking careers page, with targeted vacancies & a clean application process. This is crucial employer branding and will be important in attracting high quality candidates.


2. Sourcing

Using an innovative stack of recruiting tech and streamlined workflows, we extract top profiles which satisfy the client’s hiring needs. Requirements change as we go. We fail fast & iterate quickly, Asana, Slack, and an ATS like Recruitee help us collaborate closely.


3. Profiles

Our screening process is adapted to the client’s requirements. From short phone screenings to outdoor walks to test days, we ensure that the right candidate makes it through the pipeline.


4. Match

Awesome! The right person has been connected with the right company. We make sure this transition is smooth, exciting and paves the way for successful collaboration in the future.



Every day we’re connecting with awesome founders & their teams. We asked some of them why they enjoyed working with us. 


Interested in growing your team? Or keen for a strong cup of coffee and a founder-to-founder chat? Contact us directly or drop by our office (we are friendly). We’d love to meet you and hear about your talent need and how we can help.