Hiring tech teams for your scaleup or startup is tough.
As your in-house recruiters, we turn your scaleup into a hiring machine


How we work.


1. Talent profile

We do a quick run-through of your business challenges, current team and ambition. It helps us understand what talent you need. With you, we write your hiring plan and/or the profile of the new recruits. We set up or improve your recruiting process steps. It’s all ground work to ultimately hire the right people.


2. Inbound marketing

To write attractive vacancies, we add some extra pepper. We use AI to drive conversion and SEO. And we make sure your career site stands out and reflects your culture. And even though techies don’t easily apply themselves; a strong online presence is pivotal to our outbound approaches.


3. Outbound sourcing

The ratio of open tech candidates to vacancies is 1 to 7. So guess who needs to do the match making? In preparation of a search, we map the talent market and define search angles. We search and write our friendly to-the-point reachouts, and choose the channel: email, linkedin or direct message.


4. Select & hire

This is the magic bit where we apply our experience of hundreds of hires. After our initial candidate screening, we can coach and support you in every step of the process: interviews, ref check, offer formulation, counteroffer prep & negotiation. We guard selection quality, speed and ensure you hire for fit.


LevelUp ♥ Customers

Wouter Suren

“Quick comms & iterations, on top of things, transparent, honest and open. LevelUp found the right person by being persistent and by continuously learning with us which profile our business actually needed.”

“Hands on, pro-active, good understanding of entrepreneur and company, clear and timely communication.”

Thijs Gitmans
Fund Manager


Problems we solve.

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    Cash & time is tight

    With dedication, you can find talent in a short time. We do that for you and assist you in every aspect. Doing the right things right. You might even learn a thing or two while you are busy with your core business: product and growth.
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    Best practices

    You’re not our first client. And we’ve learned a lot about founders, startups and best practices in the last years. Both our failures as our successes are at your disposal. What to do and when: screening, interviews, sending offers, how and when to follow up. We’ve got it covered.

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    Future hires: employer brand & talent pools

    The world might not know who you are, and “work hard, play hard” doesn’t cut it anymore on the job site. With more and more vacancies to fill you might want to think about your brand and building talent pools better. We can support you.
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    Process, data, predictability

    With too little data to test which process steps in recruiting work best, you need someone with experience. We track our data and processes each project. This gives us insights into our success rate (+90%) and timeframes from start to hire. This makes your process predictable and success is always assured.

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