Talent for your funded Startup or Scaleup

All Unicorns have two things in common: access to Capital and access to Talent. As your high-growth tech company receives funding, finding the right Talent is the new bottleneck.

Great back-end developers, DevOps, front-end developers, mobile developers, QA/Testers, growth hackers and online marketeers are hard to find and in increasing demand. We provide a temporary recruiting team for your company. LevelUp helps build your teams while setting up a permanent recruiting operation for you.


LevelUp is an alternative to the approaches you might be using today:

  • Doing it yourself (defocusing, lack of experience)
  • Recruiting agencies (expensive, misaligned interests)
  • Freelance recruiters (hard to find good, rounded ones)

Benefits of our approach

Better Fit

We sit in your office, become part of your team. We learn the nuances of product, culture, office, needs and why it’s so cool to work there. We collaborate and iterate quickly on profiles. We don’t believe in silver bullets. We improve as we see more profiles, talk to talent, meet with your team. To really understand who will fit your team and who will not.

Better Talent

We bring the vacancy to the right candidate. We reach out from your email domain with an enticing message crafted to fit your culture and product. We do not cold call. Not because it doesn’t work (it does), but because we feel it is disrespectful to technical talent, and because it might hurt your employer brand.

Top talent does not want to be found online, due to ‘recruiter spam’. We use the best software platforms to find the best talent anyway, and then approach respectfully, personalized and ethically. This keeps everyone happy and builds solid relationships.

Faster Hiring

We know where the various types of people operate online. We iterate quickly with your team regarding open positions and the opportunity of working at your startup.

We quickly craft vacancies as if they were an MVP.  Generating first responses to it or seeing what profiles come up in sourcing. We iterate from there. It’s not about first time right. It’s about iterating and then hiring the best person for the job.

Cost Effective

Because we know you, collaborate with you, have deep insights in your recruiting process (heck, we’re running it!) and by leveraging your employer brand and culture, we can do more in less time.

Furthermore, you are not paying high fees for the inefficiencies at agency recruiters. The time they have to spent cold calling, ‘managing expectations’ between candidates and company and not truly understanding what is needed.


We turn you into a hiring machine. We believe in sprints, where we build the teams you need the most while we set up recruiting for you. Your company should be autonomous when it comes to finding talent.

We build your talent pools. Engaged candidates are tracked, followed up on and together with you build a relationship. Even though you might not have the vacancy now. This network of interested talent can be tapped into for hires or referrals once your hiring need goes up again.

Our customers

  • Client Portfolio
  • Embedded recruiting
  • Single placement
  • Strategy & fundraising

Our team


If you have a question or want to know more about us or our work just send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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